28 November 2020

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share the word

Here you can download and share some content made by the community to help spread the word for Abhiyaan SEAPonyCon! Click on the image below to download it and share it out on your social media. Tag us @SEAPonyCon when you do so we can help signal boost it more!

embrace the abhiyaan

There are a number of things you can do to get involved with Abhiyaan SEAPonyCon. Check them out below!

Host an activity

Apply to host a panel, game or activity. We'll share our stage with you, so get creative!

Sell your crafts, goods and commissions to the community with special consideration for our Indian friends.

Spread the word

Help get the word out about Abhiyaan SEAPonyCon by spreading is all over Social Media and beyond.

Help with translation

India has over 20 official languages. While this event is in English, it is worth trying to reach out to a community that may speak another first language.

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